A collection of 7878 NFTs


About us

Are you prepared to step into the ring?

Elrond Brawlers is a collection of 7878 NFTs, providing a little bit of brutality to the Elrond blockchain. Made up of over 350 traits, and combined to create a series of unique artworks, these furious fighters are in a league of their own.

The project boasts an impressive plan for the future, giving holders a chance to earn $BRAWL tokens by playing their P2E game, and accessing their claiming portal. Who knew fighting could be so fun? We did!


Stage 1: Beckoning the Brawlers

After the city of Elrond collapsed, its inhabitants got together to form their signature fight club. This stage of our growth involves building a community that is dedicated to our cause, and the creation of a great P2E fighting game.

If that’s you, you should join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Stage 2: The First Fight (MINT)

When our community is ready, and we’ve done the necessary warm-ups, we’ll mint our collection in two parts.

The pre-sale will be made available to early adopters of our project using a whitelist, and the remaining NFTs will go to a public mint.

Stage 3: A New Currency

The creation of our $BRAWL token will be used to initiate value for our holders. This token will be redeemable through our claiming portal, or can be earned through participating in our P2E game. .

BRAWL will be used to wager on IRL broadcasted fights, as well as on games played against other holders.

Stage 4: Elrond Brawlers

Our P2E game will see NFT holders pitted against each other in pvp games. Using a series of moves, players will fight to determine who is the better fighter.

Winning fights, and wagering $BRAWL tokens will be the best way for holders to build up their reputation and earn enough respect to climb the ranks


Mr. Mo#0001







Community Manager


Community Manager

Roller Penguin#0388

Brand Collab Manager





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Elrond Brawlers are a collection of 7,878 NFTs. Each NFT comes with a unique look, and grants holders access to a range of utility.



Public mint price is 0.78 EGLD, whereas presale will cost 0.58 EGLD.

No, you can hold as many as you like.

No, we are using generative art - this means that your NFT will be randomly assigned traits to determine how it looks.

Holders will have access to our native $BRAWL token, and chance to play in our P2E game. We have a lot of other interesting plans, including giveaways and dedicated Discord channels.

A claiming portal is a place for holders to “claim” their earned tokens. In our case, that would be $BRAWL tokens. Further details on this are TBA.

Our native token will provide a way for holders to get more value from our collection. Once it is earned, $BRAWL can be wagered in PVP games to earn more, and redeemed for exciting prizes.

Join the Discord Community and See you in the RING.